Customer Care Statement

It is the aim of Accommodation Services to provide a high and consistent level of service with a strong focus on customer care.

To achieve this we will aim to:

Callers to Office / Reception

Display our office opening hours, Living Support staff and security cover at a main focal point.

Greet all enquiries in a welcoming and courteous manner.

Wear identification so you know who we are.

As we want to resolve any issues you may have as quickly as possible we request that mobile phones are not used by staff or visitors alike during our conversation.


Answer incoming telephone calls within 5 rings during office opening hours.

Calls will be answered courteously by informing the caller which area they have reached and who they are speaking to.

If staff members are not available to take calls, the telephone will be diverted to an answering service which will state an expected response time.

Written correspondence/emails

All email enquiries will be responded to within 24 hours on a working day where appropriate. However, in some instances it may be required that follow up correspondence is necessary.

Staff will activate an auto-response prior to going on leave which states when they will return and an alternative contact.

Written correspondence will be responded to within five working days.  In some instances this may be an acknowledgement letter to allow further investigations to take place and the letter will state the expected timeframe of a full response.

All written correspondence will be on university headed note paper and will be dated with the date of posting.

Out of hours service

Living Support staff and/or security are available for assistance at all sites when the office is closed. They will wear identification so you know who they are.

A duty member of staff is available either at Site Reception/ or in their flat for a formal hour each evening/ lunch time at weekends for general enquiries.  You should check with your site for the specific times of Reception/ formal hour there.

The quickest way to contact them out with this time is by telephone and the contact number for your site will be clearly displayed on kitchen notice boards/ site A-Z information.

Repair Requests

We will log and allocate specific trades to complete the repair request you have reported as soon as possible and keep you updated with information as we receive it and anticipated completion timeframes.


Should you feel the need to raise a complaint, details of our procedure can be found on our Complaints page.


Should you wish to give us positive or negative feedback, please do so in person at site or by visiting our Feedback page.

We will also use a variety of mechanisms to get feedback on whether or not we are achieving our high levels of service and to gain information to enable us to develop and improve our service to meet changing needs and we would encourage you to get involved when we are seeking this.

As we will treat you with respect, we ask that you are always considerate and polite to staff members. We will not accept offensive, threatening or inappropriate behaviour or comments. Communication will stop immediately if any of these behaviours are demonstrated.