Standard Visitor Visa - study

You will be allowed to undertake a short course of study of up to 6 months in duration in the UK (excluding English language courses) if you apply for a visa or enter the UK as a Standard Visitor.

Study permitted

You will not limited to studying one course and are not required to have a place on a course before arriving in the UK.

If you are at least 16 years old and studying a course equivalent to a UK degree in another country, you may also undertake the following under the Standard Visitor visa route:

  • research or be taught about research at a UK institution
  • electives at a UK higher education provider (but only if you are studying medicine, veterinary medicine and science, or dentistry as your principle course of study) and the electives are relevant to your course of study abroad, are unpaid and do not involve the treatment of patients.

The Statement of Changes HC813 clarifies: "Where the applicant is seeking to come to the UK to undertake research or be taught about research at a UK institution, their overseas course provider must confirm that: (a) the research or research tuition is relevant to the course of study that they are enrolled on overseas; and (b) the applicant will not be employed at the UK institution, either as a sponsored researcher under Appendix Tier 5 (Temporary Worker) Government Authorised Exchange Scheme Worker, or otherwise".

 The types of study below are in addition to the current permitted study activities for Visitors:

  • taking part in educational exchanges or visits and attending recreational courses that do not lead to a qualification, and do not include English Language training, for a maximum of 30 days.

Please note: if you are studying a course at UoG where part of your studies will be undertaken at partner institutions outside the UK, you will not be able to apply for visas to study or visit other countries from within the UK when you hold a Standard Visitor Visa.  You would need to apply for a Student visa to be able to apply for visas to other countries from within the UK.


How to apply

Eligibility requirements to apply for the Standard Visitor Visa can be found on the UKVI webpages.

You will need to prove that you have enough money to cover all reasonable costs of your visit without working or accessing public funds, including the cost of the return or onward journey. You will be able to use someone else's money to prove this if you have personal or professional relationship with them, and they will provide support to you for the duration of your visit.

See the UKVI's Standard Visitor Visa webpages for details of the documents you will need to prepare and how to access the online application form.

Visa Nationals applying for a Standard Visitor visa:

Visa nationals are nationals of countries listed in Appendix Visitor: Visa National List of the Immigration Rules.  Visa nationals must apply for a visa before travelling to the UK.

You will need to apply for entry clearance and have received the visa sticker in your passport before travelling to the UK.  

Non-visa Nationals applying for a Standard Visitor visa:

If you are a non-visa national, your nationality will not be listed in Appendix Visitor: Visa National List.

Non-visa nationals can travel to the UK without first applying for a Standard Visitor Visa, and can instead enter the UK via the eGates.  When you enter through the eGates you will be granted "Standard Visitor" leave and will be entering the UK under the conditions of the Standard Visitor Visa, but you will have no physical visa sticker.

You do not have to see a UKVI Border Force Officer on arrival to get leave to enter the UK as a Visitor to study if you are permitted to use automatic ePassport gates - see ukborder-control for further information.

If you do this, you should carry the relevant documents listed below. If you are a non-visa national and would prefer to obtain the Standard Visitor visa before travelling to the UK, this is also acceptable.

Please see the UKCISA information on entering the UK via Dublin if you will not apply for and receive a Standard Visitor Visa before travelling to the UK.  You cannot apply for leave as a Standard Visitor at the eGates if you enter the UK via Dublin and will be granted a shorter type of leave with different conditions that may cause difficulties for you.

Entering the UK via Dublin / Ireland

Please see the important information regarding this on the UKCISA webpages.

Electronic Visa Waiver

If you are a national of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates, you may be able to obtain a visa for a short course of study (where the course lasts 6 months or less) by using the Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW).

Find out more: Electronic Visa Waiver

When you get your Electronic Visa Waiver evidence check it to ensure that:

  • Your personal details are correct, and,
  • The type of leave to enter granted is correct and,
  • It is valid for the date on which you want to travel and for the correct duration.