Safety & security

Safety & security

Two students in the Library cafeIt is always important to take measures to stay safe in any major city and there are certain things you should be aware of to allow you to take some sensible safety precautions.

What to do in an emergency

In an emergency (fire, crime or accident) telephone the UK emergency services free number 999. The emergency operator will ask for your name, address and the type of emergency.

You must only use the 999 number to call the emergency services when, for example, a life is at risk, a crime is being committed or to report a fire.


What to do when you need the Police but it is not an emergency

If you need assistance from the Police in a non-emergency situation, just dial 101.

Hate Crime

If you feel you have been the victim of a hate crime (a criminal offence committed against a person or property because of prejudice) or have witnessed a hate crime you can submit an anonymous online report to Police Scotland

Hate crime is defined as a crime perceived as being motivated by malice or ill will towards a particular social group on the basis of their actual or presumed sexual orientation, transgender identity, disability, race or religion. 

Further guidance:

UKVI Action Fraud UK Campaign

In a bid to warn students against scammers, UKVI have teamed up with Action Fraud to create a guidance pack, so students can be warned against fraudulent activity and prevent them from falling for such scams.

UKVI Action Fraud Campaign 2018