Prepare for success

Studying in the UK is more than likely very different from studying in your home country.

It is important to be prepared and know what to expect, especially if English is not your first language, as it may take you time to adapt.

Study UK online course

The Study UK: Prepare to Study and Live in the UK course is an online course offered under the British Council-led Study UK campaign.  The course provides information on academic culture in UK higher education institutions, study skills and information on life in the UK through short videos, audio recordings, texts, quizzes and links to useful resources. 

If you are interested in joining the course, sign up here.

Study skills for success

This UKCISA webpage has lots of useful information on the different teaching and assessment methods commonly used in UK educational institutions.  It also has useful information on academic culture and expectations of students studying in the UK

Prepare for success interactive web learning tool

The Prepare for Success website is an interactive web learning tool especially designed to help international students who are getting ready to come to the UK to study.  Students can watch videos and do quizzes to learn about managing coursework, organising study time, listening to lectures and many more aspects of studying in the UK as an international student.