Do I need to register with the police?

Please see our Latest News webpage for a message from the Glasgow OVRO about cancellation of Police Registration appointments as of the morning of 23 November 2020 until further notice.

Nationals of countries listed here must register with the Police as a requirement of their visa if:

  • Their stay in the UK is longer than 6 months, and
  • The requirement to register with the police is stated on their Entry Clearance sticker (in passport), Entry Clearance Decision Letter or on the Biometric Residence Permit.

Further information on who is required to register with the police can be found on the UKCISA and UKVI webpages.

When to register or update your details

When to register or update your details

Glasgow Overseas Visitor Registration Office (OVRO) Opening Times

  • Monday-Thursday: 09:00-12:30 (appointment only)

  • Monday-Thursday: 13:30-15:30 (no appointment necessary, 'walk-in service') 

Registering for the first time

Police Registration takes place at the OVRO in Dalmarnock.  Once you have registered, you will receive a Police Registration Certificate - keep this safe as it is an important document.

If you are required to register with the Police, it is important to e-mail the OVRO to request an appointment and send this email within 7 days of collecting your BRP in the UK to avoid penalties or visa curtailment - we have been advised that if you have a 30 day visa sticker in your passport, you will not need to register with the Police until you have collected your BRP.

You do not need to have an appointment within the above mentioned 7 day period but you do need to have e-mailed the OVRO to request an appointment within this time and keep the e-mail you sent safe as evidence of this.

Making Changes

It is vital that you keep your Police Registration Certificate up-to-date. You must go to the OVRO and update your certificate with any changes to your:

  • Address
  • Course
  • Passport, visa or BRP
  • Place of study
  • Marital status
  • Personal details (name, etc)

Changes and updates must be reported to the Police within 7 days of occurring. Although updating a Police Registration Certificate does not need an appointment, you should make sure that you arrive 15 minutes before the closing times in the mornings and afternoons. 


Booking an appointment to register

Booking an appointment to register

Appointments can only be requested by email: 

Ensure you include your full name and mobile phone number in all email correspondence.

Please note that, currently, the University of Glasgow International Student Support team do not have the facility to book Police Registration appointments on behalf of students, therefore students should email the Police directly.


Attending your appointment to register

Attending your appointment to register

Once you have booked the appointment, you should plan your travel so that you arrive at the OVRO 10 minutes before your appointment time. Please note if you are late for your appointment, this could result in your appointment being rescheduled for another day.

Address: Police Scotland, OVRO, Clyde Gateway, 2 French Street, Dalmarnock, G40 4EH

You can take a train from either Glasgow Central train station or Partick train station (check train times here).  It is a short walk from Dalmarnock train station to the OVRO 

Below is a list of the documents required to take with you to your appointment:

  • Passport
  • BRP (your current visa)
  • Visa decision letter/email from Home Office (received after you applied for entry clearance or extension of leave to remain) showing that you are required to register with the Police
  • Evidence of address in UK (e.g. tenancy agreement)
  • 2 recent passport photographs

Leaving the UK

Students leaving the UK on a permanent basis, or for more than 2 months, should return their police registration certificate to the OVRO.  You must do this within the 2 weeks before you leave the UK (and at least 1 day before you leave).

          Ways to return your police registration certificate:

  • In person at Overseas Visitor Registration Office, 2 French Street, Dalmarnock, G40 4EH (no appointment needed - attend the "walk-in service"), or

  • By post to the OVRO (same address as above)


    When returning your Police Registration Certificate, you should also provide:

  • A copy of your flight details and

  • A covering letter explaining that you are leaving the UK (if returning by post)