Invite family members and friends

If you are expecting a visit from a member of your family or a friend during the course of your studies, see the information below.

Visa type they need to apply for

If your visitor is coming to see you in the UK, or to attend your graduation ceremony, they will need to apply for a Standard Visit Visa. 

Documents you can send your family or friend to include

You can prepare an invitation letter which your relative or friend can include with their Visitor visa application in their own country.

You can use the following template as a guide for your letter:

Visitor Invitation Letter Example

 Before you prepare your letter, please note:

  • You must obtain permission from Accommodation Services if you wish to enter a University Accommodation address on the letter as the address where your visitor will stay.
  • These letters are only to be used in Visitor visa applications (they are not suitable for family members applying under the "Dependant" visa category).

 As well as your original invitation letter, we advise you to send your visitor: