Entry Clearance Correction

If your visa does not give you the correct length of time, we may be able to assist you with getting this changed.

Length of your Tier 4 visa

The length of your visa should be:

Course length:Length of visa:

12 or more months

Course end date + 4 months

More than 6 months (but less than 12 months)

Course end date + 2 months

Less than 6 months (pre-sessional course)

Course end date + 1 month

Less than 6 months (not a pre-sessional course)

Course end date + 7 days

How to apply

If you think you have been given an incorrect duration of leave on your visa, please make an appointment with one of the International Student Advisors as soon as possible and bring your current passport and your Entry Clearance/BRP (visa) with you.