Improving artificial limbs

Álvaro's ambition

In the future l would like to work on cell and tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, to develop the field of organ and limb replacement.

My ambition is important to me because new technologies are set to revolutionise the concept of medical care and l definitely want to be a part of that. I find biomedical engineering a fascinating and intriguing field; its constant drive to create and improve is trully inspiring. When I read about developments like prosthetic hands that not only move on command but can also transmit external sensory impulses, I can't help thinking that one day we'll be able to make artificial limbs that are just as good as our own. I believe that attending a world-renowned UK university will help me achieve my full academic potential and allow me to make a significant contribution to this field.

My first step to achieve this will be to find an internship to acquire new skills and improve my design.