Images from the Exploration exhibition


20 December 2019 - 15 March 2020
Hunterian Museum
Admission free

Throughout its history, the University of Glasgow’s staff, students and their associates have explored the world around them, looking in unfamiliar places or in new ways to better understand the world. The success of such ventures often relied on local knowledge and skills. Their investigations, observations and collections have revealed a wealth of life forms, natural processes and phenomena new to western science. They have also inspired subsequent generations of scientists and engaged the wider public with the natural world.

The Hunterian is home to many important historical and modern natural history specimens and the associated materials related to them. Many of the most interesting and scientifically valuable are the product of fascinating field investigations and expeditions.

From the 18th century to the modern day, from Scotland to Mars and from the teaming life of the Great Barrier Reef to the Dead Heart of Australia, this exhibition reveals some of the important scientific and personal legacies of these field investigations and how the rewards and costs for such ventures can be very high.