Coal, Minty Donald and Nick Millar


8 October–5 December 2021
Hunterian Art Gallery
Admission free

Thomas A Clark | Minty Donald and Nick Millar | Graham Eatough and Andre Dekker | Ian Hamilton Finlay | Fay Godwin | Andy Goldsworthy | Louise Hopkins | Jade Montserrat and Webb-Ellis | Charlotte Prodger | Carol Rhodes | Margaret Salmon | Rae-Yen Song | Jessica Warboys

Dislocations is a group exhibition featuring the work of contemporary artists. The artists included here reframe the ways we inhabit, perceive and represent the natural world. They direct our attention to sites, spaces and experiences often overlooked in traditional landscapes and question what belonging in or to such places might look like beyond attempts at mastery or idealisation.

Dislocations was developed in dialogue with The Hunterian’s online exhibition Old Ways New Roads which details the production of Scottish landscape through military, touristic and Romantic representations in the 18th and 19th centuries. Dislocations traces the contestation and revision of such canonical representations.

Joining the contemporary works in Dislocations are a range of prints and paintings from The Hunterian’s historical collections. Dislocated from their usual contexts, these point to transformations in art and in our relationships with nature that took place between the mid-19th century and the present day.

Image: Minty Donald, Coal (research photograph), 2020, courtesy of the artist.


  • Dislocations is at the Hunterian Art Gallery from 8 October–5 December 2021.
  • Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am–5pm. Closed Monday.