Meet Our Friends

While we endeavour to reach out to new members we are always grateful for the continued support of those who have been with us a little longer. We aim to introduce you to some of our valued members here.

Name: Ailsa Turner
Profession: Tutor at the Centre for Open Studies
Friend since: 2014

How did you find out about Hunterian Friends?

I had picked up a leaflet about the Hunterian friends when visiting the Hunterian Art Gallery and also met Deborah Bennett, the chairperson of the Friends at an event at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

What made you decide to join?

I like the idea of supporting the art gallery and museum attached to the University of Glasgow, as a part time tutor for the University’s Centre for Open Studies I appreciate what a wonderful resource the Hunterian is.     

What is it you like about being a Friend the most?

Having the opportunity to join in special events connected to the permanent displays and temporary exhibitions and visits to related places of interest. I also enjoy meeting other Friends.  

Which events have you particularly enjoyed?

The evening of poetry inspired by paintings in the art gallery. It makes me think and view the works from a range of different perspectives.

Evening visits to exhibitions with talks by the curators for example the exhibitions of Ramsay’s portraits, Rembrandt’s Passion and Ingenious Impressions (15th c. incunabula) and the exhibition around Stubbs’ painting. The talks added to my understanding and appreciation of the works. 

Also, talks on Scottish paintings displayed at the Glasgow offices of Lyon and Turnbull. It was a good opportunity to see paintings I had not seen before as they were in private collections. 

The best discovery you have made about a piece of artwork or an object during a Friends’ event?

I have discovered so many interesting things that it is difficult to pick out just one.

Is there any type of event or place you’d like to see the Friends offer or visit?

Perhaps a few more behind the scenes events/talks e.g. on the conservation and framing of paintings in the collection.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining the Friends?

Put your thoughts into action and join now!


First published: 29 March 2017

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