Museum Education

The Hunterian welcomes school parties to the museum and art gallery.  The collections and displays, covering many curricular areas (see Collection Summaries ), are best suited to primary 4 -7 and to all secondary levels.  Younger visitors are welcome but teachers or group leaders may wish to assess suitability for the group during an advance visit.


"Antonine Wall: Rome's final Frontier" Resources

"Ebutius’ Dilemma" 
An online resource you can enjoy remotely. Note: This resource works best with Firefox or Google Chrome.  There may be display issues with other browsers.

"Ebutius’s Dilemma" is a digital storytelling app developed for The Hunterian at the University of Glasgow as part of the EMOTIVE project, an EU-funded Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation project. The "Ebutius’s Dilemma" EMOTIVE experience uses digital storytelling to interpret The Hunterian's display: "The Antonine Wall: Rome's Final Frontier". It was designed to help visitors connect with the objects through the story of the fictional Roman soldier, Ebutius. 

The story is set just before the Roman abandonment of the Antonine Wall where Ebutius has lived for 20 years. He is faced with a difficult choice: should he leave with the Army or stay with his local Caledonian partner and their child, which would amount to disertion? While Using the app you are aksed to help him decide.   You will discover objects related to different strands of the story which have emotional relevance to Ebutius.

The story aims to also resonate with today's visitors by using universal themes that transcend time, like love, family, and work. Find out more about the project via the EMOTIVE video: Ebutius' Dilemma

Download the Hunterian Antonine Wall Resource kit 
The resources in this kit are printed and available for use at the museum (two sets) - simply ask for it at the reception desk
.  It is provided here as a download for users advance preparation should they need it.
Resources compiled by Caitlin Conlan, MSc Material Culture and Artefact Studies, 2019

Download Antonine Wall Teachers' Resource Pack (children aged 8-10) 
Additional reference materials including pre, during and post visit suggestions.
Pack compiled by Grace Hepworth, Msc Museum Studies, 2012

Comic strip story inspired by Roman Shoes at The Hunterian

In support of dissertation research, Museum Studies student, Guillem Martí designed this cartoon strip label depicting a short story inspired by the Roman Shoes featured in the Antonine Wall display.  This label was displayed briefly in the museum to allow visitors to comment on their reactions.  It is hoped that school children might also enjoy this short story
Designers: Guillem Martí (Text and Illustration), Msc student in Museum Studies. GCA, University of Glasgow. and Diego Zamora (Computer layout),  Ma Product Design and PhD Candidate. ECA, University of Edinburgh.

What to expect at the Hunterian Museum This is a visual resource allowing anyone who may have concerns about visiting unfamiliar buildings or have sensory perception issues, to prepare for their visit.