First solo exhibition in Scotland by Elizabeth Price announced for November 2022 and to focus on Glasgow’s textile heritage

The Hunterian are pleased to announce details of the first exhibition in Scotland by Turner Prize winning artist Elizabeth Price. Referencing and employing never seen before archival material, the commission will focus on the textile heritage of Glasgow’s industrial age and in particular Stoddard International Plc and James Templeton & Co. Ltd, world-famous carpet manufacturers based in Renfrewshire and Glasgow. The exhibition takes place from 11 November 2022—16 April 2023.

UNDERFOOT will be developed in partnership with The Hunterian, Panel, Fiona Jardine (The Glasgow School of Art) and Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh. Working with these partners, Price will create an ambitious new moving image installation and bespoke textile work - the artist’s first in this medium - both of which will be acquired by The Hunterian. The textile piece also marks Price’s first major commission in a medium other than video in over five years.


First published: 9 June 2022

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