Association of Business Historians

The Association of Business Historians is a leading UK professional association dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about Business History. Its members are mostly scholars at universities and research institutions.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To foster the development of the discipline of Business History as a broadly based, widely defined, multi-disciplinary subject area, viz.: The study of all aspects of the historical development of enterprise, businesses and business activity generally and their inter-relationship with the social, cultural, economic and political environment.
  2. To establish ABH amongst relevant external funding and teaching bodies (such as those responsible for Quality Assurance and Research Assessment) as the recognised body for representing the collective views of business historians.
  3. To provide forums to encourage the teaching of, and research within, business history and within which business historians can exchange information and knowledge.
  4. To act as a means of facilitating information flows so that overlap and/or conflicts of timing between various persons/groups/bodies organising conferences, etc. in the field of business history can, where possible, be prevented.
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