Former Coleman Prize Winners

2020 Akram Beniamin
'Cotton, Finance and Business Networks in a globalised World: The Case of Egypt during the First Half of the Twentieth Century.'
Henley Business School
2019 Joseph Lane
'Networks, Innovation and Knowledge: The North Staffordshire Potteries, 1750-1851.'
London School of Economics and Political Science
2018 Ghassan Moazzin
'Networks of Capital: German Bankers and the Financial Internationalisation of China (1885-1919).'
University of Cambridge
2017 Christopher Corker
'The business and technology of the Sheffield Armaments Industry, 1900-1930'
The York Management School, University of York
2016 Christopher Phillips
'Managing Armageddon: Britain’s Transport Experts and the First World War'
Leeds Trinity University
2015 David Singerman
'Inventing Purity in the Sugar World, 1860-1930'
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2014 Emily Buchnea
'Bridging the Middle Atlantic: The Liverpool-New York Trading Community, 1763-1833'
University of Nottingham
2012 Michael Pritchard
'The Development and Growth of British Photographic Manufacturing and Retailing, 1839-1914'
De Montfort University
2011 Xavier Duran Amorocho
'Was the Pacific Railroad expected to be profitable? Evidence from entrepreneur's declared expectations, an empirical entry model and ex-post information'
London School of Economics
2010 Aashish Velkar
’Markets, Standards and Transactions: Measurements in Nineteenth-Century British Economy’
London School of Economics

Stefan Schwarzkopf

'Respectable Persuaders: The Advertising Industry and British Society, 1900–1939'
Birkbeck, University of London

Valerie Johnson

'British Multinationals, Culture and Empire in the Early Twentieth Century',
Kings College, University of London


Stephanie Decker

'Building up Goodwill: British business, development and economic nationalism in Ghana and Nigeria, 1945 to 1977'
University of Liverpool

Lisa Jack

'The Persistence of Post War Accounting Practices in UK Agriculture'
University of Essex

Alan Carroll

'Revaluating the Performance of a Nationalised Industry: The National Freight Corporation 1947-1982'
Manchester Metropolitan University

Giuliano Maielli

'Managerial Culture and Company Survival: Technological Change and Output-mix Optimisation at Fiat, 1960 - 1987'
London School of Economics

Teresa da Silva Lopes

'The Growth and Survival of Multinationals in the Global Alcoholic Beverages Industry'
University of Reading

Gerben Bakker

'Entertainment Industrialised: The Emergence of the International Film Industry, 1890-1940'
European Institute, Florence

Janet Greenless

'Women's Impact on Capitalist Development: A Comparative Study of the Lancashire and American Cotton Industries, 1790-1860'
University of York

Andrew Popp

'Business Structure, Business Culture and the Industrial District: The Potteries, c.1850-1900'
Sheffield Hallaman