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RCCGlasgow: a pop-up exhibition

RCCGlasgow: a pop-up exhibition

Date: Monday 01 November 2021 - Friday 12 November 2021
Time: 12:00 - 17:00
Venue: The New Glasgow Society – 1307 Argyle Street
Category: COP26 Physical
Website: rccglasgow.com

Ever wondered why it is so hard to make the clear science on climate change into social change? Only a fraction of the money given to climate science each year makes it to people working in social sciences and humanities, but their work is critical to fighting climate change and transforming society. In partnership with the world-leading Rachel Carson Centre for Environment and Society, this exhibition profiles groundbreaking work on climate and society from around the world.

The event is a 12 day long public exhibition featuring films, experts from academia and civic society, and artistic engagements with climate change. The main exhibition consists of writing and images from over twenty different researchers around the world engaging with climate change in the humanities and social sciences.

Highlights will include the unveiling of the new documentary Adaption, produced by Dr Dominic Hinde and Alex Blott, with the support of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and a conversation by authors Cal Flyn and David Farrier on their engagements with climate change and the traces left behind by human societies.

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