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Eco Echoes: Tinderbox Music and Game Jam

Eco Echoes: Tinderbox Music and Game Jam

College of Arts | The Dear Green Bothy
Date: Saturday 06 November 2021
Time: 09:00 - 20:00
Venue: online
Category: Concerts and music, COP 26 Online
Website: deargreenbothy.gla.ac.uk/event/eco-echoes/

Join us for Eco Echoes, a one day creative jam where we invite people to write songs and make games around an environmental theme.

We will start the day with a welcome, some live music, and a short talk from artist and game designer Yann Seznec!

The Music and Game Jam will then begin, and people can write and record songs and make games in their own time.

The theme is environmental awareness and action – jammers can make any kind of game and/or music that explores this theme, in any format. This could be anything from a fully fledged digital or online game, to a physical board or card game made with recycled objects in your home; to a piece of music! Whatever you choose!

Throughout the day there will also be an optional songwriting workshop, and we will have a couple of meetups on Zoom and/or Discord to share works in progress. 

You’ll also be able to join our Tinderbox Discord to share links and ask questions for the duration of the Jam.

And… we will end the event with a live play-through and open-mic session to share the games and songs!

Presented as part of The Dear Green Bothy, a collaborative cultural programme from the University of Glasgow’s College of Arts showcasing creative and critical responses to climate emergency. 

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