The higher education landscape continues to change rapidly. Since the publication of our 2010-15 strategic plan, many challenges have arisen: but these also bring new opportunities.


The global higher education sector is more competitive than ever. New providers are emerging in the UK and abroad, and universities are responding by raising the bar of what constitutes a quality higher education experience. However, we believe that the University of Glasgow has the vision, resources, people, talent and commitment to meet these challenges head on and remain a destination of choice for staff, students, research funders and other external partners.


Demand for higher education is coming from increasingly diverse sources. The number of students across the world seeking a degree continues to grow, but more and more often they wish to be educated in their own country, leading to opportunities for transnational education. The rise of innovative learning models, including online learning, distance provision and workplace CPD, provide fresh avenues for growth as the higher education sector adapts to the needs of a more connected society.


Reductions in public spending over the next strategic planning period are expected to limit the availability of national funding for teaching and research. However, exciting new opportunities are emerging to grow our revenue elsewhere, including innovative strategic partnerships with industry and other external bodies, research funded by the European Research Council and large-scale interdisciplinary projects.