Purpose: teaching

A learning partnership between staff and students

A responsive learning environment underpinned by passionate and motivated teaching is vital to the quality of the Glasgow student experience. We must offer a more flexible model of learning to our students and ensure that teaching staff are properly valued and supported.

Connected learning

New technologies are inspiring a revolution in the way we teach and students learn. We will:

  • Invest in our virtual learning environments and network infrastructure.
  • Bring global audiences to Glasgow through online and distance learning.
  • Use the digital space to enhance the learning experience of campus-based students, enabling a flexible ‘learn anywhere’ approach to study.
  • Target investment to support staff in engaging with the opportunities brought by connected learning.

Rewarding teaching

Teaching lies at the heart of our purpose and should be respected accordingly. We will:

  • Refresh our training to better support staff as professional scholars and educators.
  • Introduce reforms to staff progression and recognition to rebalance esteem between teaching and research.
  • Review and rebalance administrative support for teaching across the University.

Responsive curricula

Our teaching must be research-led, forward-looking and adaptable to the needs of students worldwide. We will:

  • Prioritise the learning, understanding and progression of our students. 
  • Provide the leadership, time and resources needed for staff to develop their teaching skills and enhance course content.
  • Streamline the course design and approval processes.
  • Undergraduate satisfaction: 91%

We will achieve at least 91% overall satisfaction in the undergraduate National Student Survey.

  • Assessment and feedback: 75%

We will enhance student assessment and feedback to achieve an average of 75% in questions 5-9 in the National Student Survey.

  • Undergraduate progression: 90%

We will work to ensure that every year 90% of our students progress in their studies.

  • Job prospects: 94%

At least 94% of our students will be in employment or further study six months after graduation.