Susan Deeley

Inspiring people
Susan Deeley

Convener of Undergraduate Studies, School of Social & Political Sciences

The Susan Deeley Appreciation Society, set up on Facebook by her students, and a 2012 University Teaching Excellence Award are testament to Dr Susan Deeley’s ability to engage and inspire her students.

She takes a service-learning approach, which combines academic study with the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in meaningful voluntary work. She has also introduced the concept of partnership learning to her classes, where she and her students co-create essay titles and co-design essay and exam-marking criteria for both formative and summative co-assessments.

The impact of her courses on her students is transformational, with the skills they develop through this training proving to be hugely influential in their career paths.

Susan says, ‘Partnership learning is about staff and students working together, and respecting each other’s boundaries.’