Ruth Brown

Inspiring people
Ruth Brown

Postgraduate student, College of Social Sciences

With a first-class Joint Honours degree in Psychology & Public Policy, and currently working for a Masters in Equality & Human Rights at Glasgow, Ruth Brown is convinced that partnership learning has helped her to engage far more deeply in her studies. 

The concept of partnership learning was introduced to Ruth by Senior University Teacher Susan Deeley. It  involves Susan and her students co-creating essay titles and co-designing essay and exam-marking criteria for both formative and summative co-assessments.

Ruth says, ‘The idea of co-creating essay titles with your teacher and furthermore debating how essays and exams would be assessed seemed alien at first, but by my finals I was totally converted.

‘It’s less about rote learning and a lot more about stamping your personal authority on the subject.

‘I decided early on that I didn’t want to be passively educated; I wanted to direct and take responsibility for my learning, and Susan gave me that opportunity, with quite startling results.’