Purpose: research

World-class researchers with world-changing impact

Glasgow has truly exceptional expertise within each of its colleges. Bringing our multidisciplinary talent together creates teams capable of tackling the most pressing challenges facing local and global society.

Prioritising excellence

Pursuing research excellence demands focus within strategically defined areas. We will:

  • Attract, retain and foster excellent researchers through targeted investment.
  • Value, recognise and reward quality over quantity of outputs.
  • Create analytical criteria to monitor, assess and shape our profile over the long term.

Expanding support

World-class research requires first-class support. We will:

  • Secure additional large research and training centres to drive clusters of excellence.
  • Extend our excellent mentoring and career development opportunities for postgraduate research students and early career researchers.
  • Invest in the digital infrastructure necessary for managing modern research datasets.
  • Promote knowledge exchange activity and enable academics to enhance the relevance and impact of their research.

Diversifying income

Broadening our pool of funders minimises risk and maximises sustainability. We will:

  • Prioritise the sourcing of additional external research funding pathways.
  • Proactively drive the funder agenda and shape funder strategies.
  • Provide coordination and support to teams seeking larger grants.
  • Develop new mechanisms to promote interaction with industry and other external stakeholders using funding from Innovate UK and European sources.

Key performance indicators

Research income: 5th

We will achieve an average research income per academic that places us in the top 5 of the Russell Group.

Staff holding grants: 65%

At least 65% of staff will hold research funding.

PGR population: 1.9

We will grow our research postgraduate population to achieve a PGR to academic ratio of 1.9 by 2020.

Research output quality: continual improvement

We will support our staff to produce world class work and thereby increase the number of outputs considered to be world leading each year.