Place: systems

Effective, efficient and enabling processes

We have invested heavily in information management over the past five years, introducing new systems for staff and student records, student support, timetabling, finance and research. We must continue to enhance our systems and processes and bring about transformative benefits for our users and the way we work.

Intuitive systems

A system is only effective if it works for its users. We will:

  • Further develop the user-friendliness of our systems, ensuring they are intuitive, well documented and appropriately supported.
  • Focus IT development on interconnectivity and communication between systems.
  • Realise the benefits of enhanced management information through the provision of timely and up-to-date information to end users.

Streamlined policy

Policy and process should facilitate our work, not hold it back. We will:

  • Initiate policy and process reviews with a view to increasing efficiency and removing unnecessary bureaucracy. 
  • Encourage streamlining of oversight and approval processes at all levels to increase our institutional agility.
  • Move away from a process-driven culture and prioritise timely and efficient solutions for our users and people.

Smarter resourcing

We must use our resources wisely if we are to develop and grow the University. We will:

  • Redesign our planning and budgeting activities to ensure they are led by our strategic vision, ambitions and needs. 
  • Develop incentives for exceeding income, research and commercial targets.
  • Cash generation: £24.5m

We will provide the capacity to invest in our systems and estate by achieving an annual net cash generation of £24.5m by 2020.