People: staff

A working culture that rewards and empowers

Research, teaching and engagement give our University community purpose, but it is people who drive our success. We won’t achieve our ambitions without talented, passionate and motivated staff; and so it’s vital that Glasgow provides a world-class working environment.

Attracting Talent

We want to be an employer of choice for exceptional people. We will:

  • Recruit staff who will reflect and uphold our values.
  • Develop innovative contracts, support packages and other incentives to remain competitive across the sector and bring the best to Glasgow.

Supporting Development

We want our people to invest in Glasgow for the long term. We will:

  • Develop staff in line with our values and reward them for their commitment and contribution to our success.
  • Take a longer-term view of staff performance and assess individuals’ contributions with reference to the strategic needs of their teams and units.
  • Ensure that all roles have a credible long-term career path within the University, identifying progression routes and addressing succession planning.

Leading transformation

A culture of excellence requires inspirational leadership at all levels. We will:

  • Reward achievement, reject mediocrity and celebrate success.
  • Provide comprehensive leadership development opportunities for current and future leaders.
  • Pursue greater equality and diversity in appointments, particularly at the senior level.
  • Staff engagement: 90%

We will ensure that Glasgow continues to be a place where people are proud to work and achieve at least a 90% level of overall staff satisfaction in each biennial staff survey.

  • Gender equality: 33%

We will continue to grow the proportion of women in senior managerial, professional and professorial roles and aim for at least 33%.