People: internationalisation

A globally connected, globally influential University

Our staff and students are drawn from over 120 different nationalities and cultures. But we don’t just want to bring people together here in Glasgow: we want to connect with other prestigious institutions and expand our reach and reputation worldwide.

Global education

Glasgow should be an international destination of choice for talented students. We will:

  • Diversify the student markets from which we recruit and use scholarships and bursaries to attract high-quality students from across the world.
  • Expand the range of programmes available through our transnational education activity.
  • Internationalise our curricula and review all programmes, courses, practices and support structures with respect to their suitability for students from outwith the UK.
  • Foster an inviting and inclusive multicultural academic community for the benefit of all.

International experience

International mobility broadens students’ perspectives and enhances employability. We will:

  • Expand the number and range of international placements.
  • Grow outward mobility by ensuring that all students are aware of its benefits and the support and opportunities in place to undertake mobility within their studies.
  • Augment pre- and post-mobility support for students.

Worldwide partnership

We appreciate and value the opportunities brought by international collaboration. We will:

  • Encourage prestigious staff exchanges and residencies through enhanced support and welcome packages.
  • Formalise strategic partnerships with other prestigious international institutions and establish at least five in the next five years.
  • Pursue international sources of research funding in conjunction with our strategic partners.
  • International population: 5,000

We will steadily grow our international student population to 5,000 FTE by 2020 .

  • Student mobility: 20%

At least 20% of our students will have an international experience each year by 2020.

  • International research income: £29m

We will grow our annualinternational research income to at least £29m.