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The University Strategy (Inspiring People – Changing the World) outlines the importance of bringing inspiring people together and TeamEB is doing exactly that!

TeamEB is a Business Improvement Team, established to streamline policies, processes and systems whilst trialling new ways of working. Working across a number of work-streams, ranging from Contract Management to Customer Interface, IT Hardware and System Support to Planned Preventative Maintenance, their ultimate goal is to create a culture of continuous improvement.

As outlined in the strategy, “it is people who drive our success” – something that was recognised in the creation of TeamEB. The notion of ‘Inspiring People’ is a core principle of the team, with several colleagues from within the Estates & Buildings Department having been seconded from their substantive roles to lead on specific work streams; provide expertise and coordinate input from stakeholders to establish best practice principles. Other colleagues have provided input on a part time, consultative basis.

This brought together a wealth of knowledge and experience and through the team’s creation its members have experienced new challenges, leading them to grow and develop not only as professionals, but as a team. Support has been provided throughout the project with structured training, Coaching and Action Learning Sets have been provided in conjunction with Human Resources.

Key successes so far include:

  • Successful implementation of the job management software upgrade
  • Successful Oracle upgrade
  • Procurement, set-up, distribution and training on new PDA devices for job management
  • Successful pilot of an electronic sign-in for contractors working on site.
  • Improved purchase to pay processes
  • Ongoing trials on job management which have resulted in more efficient use of stores and vehicles for an overall improvement of job management
  • More robust management information to inform decision making

The team are currently working on enhancements to the Help Desk software in order to provide a better customer experience whilst a move towards Preventative Planned Maintenance will help to reduce the overall need for Help Desk requests. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) will also provide transparency around Estates and Buildings progress towards a better campus for all students and staff and it is these which will be the measures of success.

Find out more on the TeamEB website.



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