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Planning Dashboards

Our Inspiring People strategy sets out 22 key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success right across the University’s operations – in teaching, research, recruitment, finance, staff satisfaction, the estate and more.

“I was sceptical at first, but found the dashboard exercise really helpful in focusing our School's high-level aspirations and identifying concrete things to do. It's certainly helped me identify my own objectives for the next planning cycle.”
- Jeremy Smith Head of the School of Critical Studies

Until quite recently it was difficult for individual Schools, Research Institutes and other Units to get an overview of their performance within these KPIs –- and without that insight, long-term planning was difficult. The Focus work-stream developed planning dashboards in response to these challenges.

The new Dashboards provide Unit and University level KPI performance and benchmarking data driven by Planning and Business Intelligence’s Qlikview business intelligence software – enabling the data to be more granular, relevant and up-to-date than ever before.

But the Dashboards are intended to be more than a KPI report – they challenge Units with a framework to record challenging but realistic medium and long-term goals. The Dashboards are intended to be the starting point for strategic planning conversations between Unit teams – not the whole picture.

Student Services has found the process of developing the dashboard a positive exercise. We did find it challenging, particularly when we have such a wide range of services, but it has helped us to think about meaningful and measurable KPIs which demonstrate the contribution Student Services makes to University strategic objectives.”
- Christine Lowther Director of Student Services

The new Dashboards and planning processes were piloted during 2015-16 with a representative range of Units. As a result of positive feedback during the pilot, the Dashboards are receiving a full roll-out as part of the overhauled university-wide strategic planning and budgeting process for 2016-17.

You can learn more about the Dashboards and view real examples on the Planning and Business Intelligence webpage.