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Full Stop Campaign

Dignity @ Work Full Stop was a powerful and hard-hitting campaign run across the University, aimed at highlighting the sorts of behaviour that can constitute harassment and increasing awareness of both the Dignity at Work and Study Policy and the Respect Advisers Network

As outlined in Inspiring People, Changing the World, a key value within the University is professionalism, and embracing diversity and treating colleagues, visitors and students with respect is key. The campaign recognises that value, and saw a number of 'microfiction' posters distributed across campus, aimed at both staff and students, which illustrated examples of bullying and harrassement behaviours that require a full stop. 

The campaign proved exceptionally successful, winning award nominations from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), the HEIST higher education award and receiving praise in Holyrood. Comments from both staff and students were very positive, including:

“I think it is a great campaign and in keeping with the ethos of the university.”

“Simple messages about a serious issue - a highly effective campaign.”

“It is a good initiative: makes one think about situations a lot of people have been involved in and the true implications they have.”

You can find further details of the campaign, and download a full set of posters, on the Equality and Diversity webpages.

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