What could a STEM Ambassador do for your school?

STEM Ambassadors bring enthusiasm and support to classroom projects. Teachers and schools benefit from access to quality-assured volunteers who can help in a variety of ways. Via STEM Ambassadors, teachers can not only get support for enriching and enhancing the curriculum through activities or events, but can also increase their own understanding of the career paths to which STEM subjects can lead. Schools can benefit from enhanced links with local business or individual volunteers with valuable skills.

For more information please visit the About STEM Ambassadors page.

Request a STEM Ambassador

If you would like to request a STEM Ambassador to support your school and help with careers, STEM activities, challenges, and Clubs to enthuse your pupils in the STEM subjects, please register as a school user here and submit your request online, or email our STEM Ambassador Co-ordinator.



Fast Track Your Career and Get Paid

There are many reasons why your students may want to choose to undertake a Year in Industry.

A Year in Industry can fast track their future career, greatly improving employment prospects. 97% of students who have undertaken a Year in Industry feel they are more employable, as it adds massive value to a CV as well as greatly increasing confidence and maturity levels.

  • They will be paid a proper salary
  • Be expected to undertake a challenging job, which will both be stretching and relevant for their future studies and career path.
  • EDT provide an optional maths course for all students
  • Business management course included during placement - at no extra cost
  • Support throughout the placements from YINI and the placement company
  • The possibility of summer placements through university
  • Possible sponsorship through university
  • Apply on line at the website.

For further information please refer to the leaflets:

Introduction to the year in Industry.

Project Summary.

Download a Poster from the website.

STEM Challenges

STEM Challenges

The first batch of adapted STEM Challenge resource packs are now available to download, free of charge, from the STEM Challenges website.

STEM Learning manages the STEM Challenges programme which started as a series of Challenge competitions for secondary schools.

Each Challenge was originally inspired by London 2012 and aimed to provide students, aged 11-14 years, with an opportunity to use their STEM skills and help provide a real-life context for these skills. Now that London 2012 is over, STEM Learning has adapted the original Challenge resource packs, so they can continue to remain relevant and useful to schools in the long-term. Each STEM Challenge is designed to take 6-8 weeks and is an ideal activity to carry out in a STEM Club environment. Each pack also includes two STEM Ambassador case studies linked to the Challenge theme.

You can download all of the materials to carry out all the Challenges in your class or club.

Full details are contained in the website .

STEM Clubs & STEMNetworking

STEM Clubs & STEMNetworking

If you are running an after-school or lunchtime club related to any sort of STEM activity, for example a Young Engineers and Science Club, Astronomy Club, Maths Club, Food Technology Club, or Camera Club, you will be interested to know that STEM Learning has set up STEM Clubs to network and share information.

The STEM Clubs offer a wealth of information online for teachers who are involved in Clubs, and gives you guides on starting and running a club, ideas, and information on resources and challenges. 

STEM Learning wants to enable every school or college in the country to have a STEM Club and is hence providing a platform for sharing information to every club in the country, with no cost involved, regardless of where the Club originates from or who it is organised by.

More information about STEM Clubs can be found on the website at www.stemclubs.net 


Find out what STEMNetworking can do for you:

  • Request STEM Ambassadors to come and visit your school using an online form
  • Find out more about what STEM Ambassadors can offer you by viewing the latest online STEM Ambassador requests
  • Register your school with STEMNetworking and start sharing your STEM Enhancement and Enrichments experiences
  • View what other schools in your local area have been doing in STEM Enrichment and Enhancement

If you are a teacher and you would like to register to have a profile with STEMNetworking, you can register here.