STEM Resources at Science Connects

At Sci‌ence‌ Connects‌ we have an extensive list of resources that can be borrowed to enhance STEM-based activities. If you would like to make use of any of these excellent education resources then contact us via:


Phone: 0141 330 6396



An activity that we can offer and organise for you in your school, FunMaths Roadshow is a collection of mathematical activities/puzzles displayed on A3 laminate baseboards. Each box caters to a specific year group/ability level and provide pupils with the opportunity to: problem solve; explore ideas and have fun with Maths. Pupils are encouraged to work together through the puzzles presented, at their own pace discussing each problem in turn, in a non-competitive setting.

FunMaths Roadshow Box


20 x BBC Micro:bits

The little codeable device with lots of features! The micro:bit can be used to inspire young people to get creative and develop skills in science, technology and engineering. Each element is completely programmable with an easy-to-use software on a dedicated website ( that can be accessed from a PC, tablet or mobile.



Using the most advanced technology LEGO has developed so far, pupils can now create and command 5 different robots that walk, talk, think and do anything they can imagine.


K’Nex Kits - P1 > S6

Boxes of K’Nex are available, which can be used for any technical activity or an indispensable resource for budding engineers. Pupils can progress from the basic level of simple stationary structures with no moving parts, through structures with movement using rotation and moving into more complex machinery and hand driven mechanisms.









Astronomical F70070 Telescopes

The telescope is a 70mm refractor, which comes with a tripod and several eyepieces. To help teachers take full advantage of the telescope, there is a DVD showing how to set up the telescope, use a star chart, what you can see, and how to plan your observations.



What are stem cells? Stem Cell Game - S2 > S6

This activity can be used to review and reinforce concepts such as:
The developing cell
Using stem cell technology
By using the game, candidates should be able to:
a. define the term stem cell
b. explain the term differentiation
c. define how stem cells are cultured and discuss the potential benefits of stem cell technology.


Food standards agency. Eat well plate mat - P1 > S6

The eatwell plate shows how much of the five food groups you should eat every day, including snacks. This giant mat is great for a small class activity. A PowerPoint with a breakdown of the 5 sections is available.


Food standards agency. Eat well plate board game - P1 > S6

This game lets participants answer questions about the eat well plate in a trivial pursuit style.


Food standards agency. Germ watch food busters board game P1 > S6

This game lets participants answer questions on food safety and hygiene in a block-busters style.

Food standards agency. Germ watch Bubbles and slime game - P1 >P7

A variation on snakes and ladders using hygiene questions.



Robotics is an exciting way to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics to a classroom. Students can build robots and use software to plan, test and modify sequences of instructions from a variety of real life robotic behaviours. They gather and analyse data from sensors using data logging functionalities such as graph view.