Claire Donald

Issued: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 00:00:00 BST

Why did you decide to become a STEM Ambassador?

I really enjoy engaging with the public and getting them excited about STEM.

In particular I love encouraging children to get involved in STEM related subjects by showing them how they can put their talents to good use. STEM is a huge subject area and requires a broad range of skills. You don’t need to be technically minded to be a good scientist.

Which area of STEM are you most passionate about?

As a biologist I am particularly passionate about life sciences

What is your favourite thing about being a STEM Ambassador?

Being part of the STEM Ambassador programme has been great for giving me ideas for activities that I can develop. There are loads of resources you can use and very knowledgeable people you can talk to fine-tune your activity.

Describe your favourite or most memorable activity so far:

My most memorable activity so far has been when we invited 12 Ranger Guides into our research labs. It was wonderful to be able to show them around and give them a glimpse into what life is like to work as a research scientist.

What STEM Ambassador activities do you have planned for the future?

With the current restrictions putting a halt on many face-to-face engagements, I’m looking forward to trying some new online methods of outreach. So far I have provided some ideas for youth groups to provide to members so they can run STEM activities at home. I also took part in a STEM chat room for pupils to ask scientists questions about their work. I’m going to keep my eye out for STEM Ambassador remote activities I can get involved with and might even try to write a blog post or two.

What advice would you give to new STEM Ambassadors?

Engaging with the public can take a variety of forms and people can get really creative with it. Try to get involved with some established activities first to learn the ropes and once your comfortable you could try to develop your own. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. In my experience people are more than happy to answer them and help you out.