Angela Elliott - Senior HR Business Partner - Network Rail

Issued: Fri, 28 Feb 2020 00:00:00 GMT

Why did you decide to become a STEM Ambassador?

I decided to become a STEM Ambassador after being a Judge for the Engineering Development Trust’s (EDT) Year in Industry Awards Scotland in 2019 and being impressed by the students’ projects and work experience within a number of organisations. I have extensive experience of working in the STEM Sector in primarily HR, Talent and Projects roles and I am also now a Volunteer Mentor with EDT so I have great opportunities as a STEM Ambassador.

Which area of STEM are you most passionate about?

I have a passion for helping to develop young people whether that is by working more strategically as part of a team to devise early engagement programmes to support organisational talent pipelines or by ‘hands on’ delivery of skills and behavioural trainer. ­­I do enjoy behavioural skills development for young people within STEM organisations and also being a Mentor.

What is your favourite thing about being a STEM Ambassador?

It’s a great opportunity to make a difference first hand by inspiring and helping to motivate young people to develop the behavioural skills they need both now and for the future to help them obtain suitable jobs and to thrive in organisations.  It’s also very interesting to listen to young people’s views and experiences in terms of their education and work aspirations. This helps me learn too.

Describe your favourite or most memorable activity so far:

My favourite activity so far has been designing and delivering Presentation Skills workshops in Glasgow for a number of young people who are undertaking a Year in Industry through EDT in various organisations in the STEM sector. The day long workshops enabled me to help develop the young people’s understanding of both the theory and practise of giving great presentations and to further develop their communications skillset. It was a very enjoyable session both for the students and for me.

What STEM Ambassador activities do you have planned for the future?

I will be running a webinar on ‘Blogging” in March this year for students undertaking a Year in Industry through EDT. The session will provide some tips and techniques for the students to become more confident and capable in posting blogs on social media about their works experience and the skills they are developing with STEM organisations to encourage other young people to consider undertaking such work experience and a career in STEM in the future.

What advice would you give to new STEM Ambassadors?

I would say look for opportunities and activities on your Local STEM Ambassador Hub and get some ‘hands on’ STEM Ambassador experience as soon as you can, It is so satisfying when you see the difference your involvement can make to young people’s understanding and motivation. Also consider being a Volunteer and Mentor with a charity or organisation such as the Engineering Development Trust to support young people to consider a career in the STEM sector and to develop their skills, interests and to shine!