Zubaida Abdul Sattar

Issued: Fri, 29 Nov 2019 16:59:00 GMT

Why did you decide to become a STEM Ambassador?

As a woman in the field of science, I have faced many challenges, but along my journey people and mentors have supported me so much so, that I was able to pursue a career in STEM and complete my PhD in laser physics. I am very much aware that some children, especially young girls, are not into STEM subjects just because of not being able to get the right support. More so they do not get any relatable examples to keep them going. I decided to become a STEM Ambassador so that I may share my experiences to them so that they can become keen towards STEM education.

Which area of STEM are you most passionate about?

Physics and maths are considered boring and students tend not to be excited about it. I am therefore really passionate of making a difference by using ways which can make learning physics and maths both fun and exciting. 

What is your favourite thing about being a STEM Ambassador?

When students show enthusiasm during the STEM activity and discuss innovative ideas which gives me the opportunity to get more experience from imaginative minds. It also helps me to continuously develop different teaching approaches.

Describe your favourite or most memorable activity so far:

There are many memorable activities but the recent activity where I got the opportunity to become a judge at the robotics challenge competition held at University of the west of Scotland, where different teams of schools participated in the competition in building a robot that performed a range of tasks and activities. It was a great learning experience to judge the competition. Apart from meeting the students I got the chance to network with the teachers and employees from different companies. 


What STEM Ambassador activities do you have planned for the future?

I was involved in the math week Scotland where students got the opportunity to solve problem, explore ideas and have fun with math. I am therefore planning similar activities in physics for the students so that they may learn with fun. 


What advice would you give to new STEM Ambassadors?

It is a nice, gentle and exciting journey that you have got on board to inspire the next generation. Exciting opportunities open once you become an ambassador as your channel of network opens and you get a lot of things to do. My advice is to not let this opportunity go in waste, and that you use most of the time looking forward to performing and supporting other STEM events.