STEM Ambassador Graeme Ralph shares his experiences of doing STEM engagement online

Issued: Fri, 22 May 2020 00:00:00 BST

What activity did you provide online/remotely?

Working from home just now, meant the team had a daily conference Skype call. For two and a half weeks we have had a 5-minute iLeaders award online presentations, Question and answer webchat sessions through ‘’I’m an engineer stay at home’’. IET look at me now project

Where did this originate from – eg an idea you had, a resource you saw online, a suggestion from an activity organiser (e.g a teacher, community group leader, STEM Ambassador Hub, Museum)?

Have been engaged in the leaders award for the last two years and primary engineer for a good few years prior. IET raised the I’m an engineer and look at me now projects

Tell us about the process of organising the activity. Was it more or less straightforward than you would have thought, and why?

Very straight forward, organisation and communication excellent and no issues. Doodle calendar for Leaders award presentations has been very useful

How did this activity compare to any face to face engagements you have previously done?

Much easier to plan in due to the lack of travel time required, miss out on some of the interaction but there’s a feeling you get more questions as the kids are a bit more confident online.

What advice do you have for other STEM Ambassadors about taking their volunteering online?

I’ve had a few graduate and younger engineers sit in sessions with me and they are very surprised how easy it is to present online even with hundreds watching, this has encouraged them to host their own events which is great. I’d open that offer to anyone, see what its like and try it! I always think how much I would have enjoyed this type of thing when I was young so it’s a great feeling to think you may reach one or two kids and help them in their development.