Becoming a STEM Ambassador

STEM Ambassadors are volunteers that aim to inspire young people to become interested in STEM subjects and consider a career in a STEM industry. There are lots of ways to get involved in the STEM Ambassadors Programme. You could demonstrate an experiment in a school, or get involved in a careers event. You could help support an engineering project or set up a STEM club, and even get involved with youth groups doing a tech evening or playing fun maths games.


Becoming a STEM Ambassador is a three-stage process:

1) Registration


Please register as a STEM Ambassador on the STEM Learning website. You will then be sent further details about your next steps, and links to register for an upcoming Kick-Off Session.

*Please ensure that you register as a STEM Ambassador volunteer on the first page of the registration*


2) Training


Would-be STEM Ambassador's must first complete the STEM Learning online induction modules and then update their profile to show this.

They must then attend a Kick-Off Session with us. (Please see below for dates of the next sessions) Kick-off Sessions provide STEM Ambassadors with basic knowledge and information that will help to enhance their work with young people. Training covers; the purposes of the STEM Ambassador's Programme, information about schools, advice for working with young people, and an explanation about the role in supporting STEM Ambassadors.


The next Kick-Off Sessions are taking place at the University of Glasgow on the following dates:

April 16th 2020 2:15pm

May 19th 2020 2:15pm

Registration links to these dates will be provided once you have registered for a STEM Ambassador account on the STEM Learning website.

Future dates will be confirmed soon.



3) PVG Disclosure check

PVG Disclosure check

As part of the Kick-Off Session you can complete a PVG Disclosure check. In order to become an authorised STEM Ambassador you must undertake a PVG Check through Disclosure Scotland to ensure that you are suitable to work with children and young people as a volunteer. 

All STEM Ambassadors are volunteers registered on the STEM Ambassadors Programme but this does not automatically imply that their PVG application will be Free of Charge. To qualify for a free-of-charge PVG you must not:

  • Benefit directly from the position for which the PVG application is being submitted
  • Receive any payment (except for travel and other approved out-of-pocket expenses
  • Be on a work placement
  • Be on a course that requires them to do this job role
  • Be in a trainee position that will lead to a full time role/qualification

The examples shown are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent the only situations where PVG applications may or may not represent Free of Charge applications. Please refer to the STEM Learning policy statement "When is a Volunteer Not a Volunteer?" regarding DBS/PVG applications, and what counts as volunteering.

Please see our PVG Scheme Information page for details about the Scheme.

Following the successful completion of all three stages will be able to view all of the volunteering opportunities that are available on the STEM Learning website, and begin expressing interest in the ones you might like to support.

Please see here for STEM Learning LTD's terms and conditions, including the privacy policy.