The Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme

In order to become a STEM Ambassador you must successfully complete the PVG check process with us. This process confirms that you are suitable to volunteer as a STEM Ambassador, it does not cover you to carry out a role with any other organisation.

Volunteering as a STEM Ambassador with STEM Learning involves engaging with young people, therefore the PVG Check process you go through with us ensures your suitability to work with children only.

When someone applies to join the PVG Scheme, Disclosure Scotland carries out criminal record checks and shares the results with the individual and the organisation carrying out the check. The application process involves gathering criminal record and other relevant information. This can be shared with the organisation who is providing the regulated work. If this information shows that the applicant might be unsuitable for regulated work, they'll be referred for further investigation as part of the 'consideration process'.

Please note that the PVG application process takes on average 4-6 weeks.

What if I've already had a PVG before?

For every separate organisation that you are working with, where you are carrying out 'regulated work' with children and/or protected adults, whether as a volunteer with us or in any other role with another organisation, you must go through the PVG application process for that specific position. 

If you are already a member of the PVG scheme with another organisation you still must go through an Update process with us in order to become a STEM Ambassador.

Once you are member of the PVG scheme with STEM Learning

Disclosure Scotland continuously carries out criminal record checks to check your suitability to continue working with children as a STEM Ambassador. They will share the results of these with you, as well as with us at Science Connects, so that if there is information that suggests you might now be unsuitable to work with children as a STEM Ambassador, we will be informed.

You must notify Disclosure Scotland of any change in your name or gender within 3 months of the change taking place. You must also update them if you move house and if you stop volunteering with us.

The STEM Learning policy is to renew STEM Ambassador membership of the PVG Scheme every 3 years. This involves completing a one-page application form, providing your ID again, and letting us know if any of your details have changed. 

On your STEM Ambassador account you'll see an "Expiry Date", and after this date you won't be able to view any volunteering opportunities, or record anything you have been involved with as you will have an "Expired" status. We will reach out to let you know when you are due for a PVG renewal, and let you know about your options for doing this.