Upcoming events from your local STEM Ambassador Hubs in Scotland

Issued: Wed, 06 Jan 2021 13:56:00 GMT

Please see below for a list of events taking place in January to March.

Click on the link in the header of each for more information and to register your spot.

STEM AmbassadorsMonday 11 January - 4:30-5:30pm - Training session: Improving Gender Balance and Equalities

The second workshop in a new series in partnership with the Improving Gender Balance and Equalities team from Education Scotland. Language Part 1 - Origins of gender-stereotyped language and the effect of our unconscious bias.

STEM Ambassadors: Tuesday 19 January - 4:30-6pm - Training session: Outreach Activities

Learn about a Mars exploration outreach project which provides kits to schools to work on activities related to exploration. Find out how to deliver the activities, how to borrow one of five kits packed with practical science activities, and take part in a suite of online workshops, each linked to national science curriculum. 

STEM Ambassadors: Wednesday 20 January - 5-6:30pm - Training session: Renewable Energy Workshop

Learn about Hywind, the world’s first floating wind farm and also carry out some activities and demos exploring the concepts of how different forms of renewable energy work.

Teachers: Thursday 21 January - 4:30-5:30pm - Information Session: STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Week

Find out how to get involved in STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Week (1st to 5th Feb 2021).

STEM Ambassadors: Thursday 28 January - 12:30-1pm - Get Active session

An informal opportunity (feel free to bring your lunch!) for STEM Ambassadors to be updated on recent developments with the programme and identify ways to become active online. 

CLD Practitioners: Thursday 28 January - 4-5pm - Introduction to the STEM Ambassador Programme

Find out more about the free STEM Ambassador Programme and how it can support and enhance Community Learning and Development.

All: 1 - 5 February - STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Week

Get involved with our first ever STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Week - a celebration of STEM in Scotland. 

STEM Ambassadors: Tuesday 2 February - 4:30-5:30pm - Training session: Improving Gender Balance and Equalities

The third workshop in a new series in partnership with the Improving Gender Balance and Equalities team from Education Scotland. Language Part 2 - language, unconscious bias and career choice.

All: Thursday 4 February - 11.30am-12pm - Spotlight In Conversation: Pamela Anderson, AAC Clyde Space

Join us for a live "In Conversation With" session with one of our STEM Ambassadors Pamela, who will tell us all about the space sector in Scotland. 

STEM Ambassadors/Physics Teachers: Thursday 4 March - 5-6pm

Hear from Institute Of Physics Education Manager, Stuart Farmer, who will signpost where Ambassadors can find info on what is in the physics curriculum, highlight resources which are useful to both Teachers and Ambassadors, identify areas of the curriculum where external support is most valuable and offer information on physics teaching in schools .

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