What counts as STEM Ambassador activity?

Building your record of your activity on your STEM Ambassador profile allows you to be recognised for your volunteering hours, including at annual award ceremonies and through digital STEM certificates.

Keeping your profile up to date, as well as recording all of your volunteering is really important. If your details and biography are complete and up to date, and we know what kinds of activities you've taken part in before, we as your Hub can suggest one-off, last minute, nearby, or other interesting volunteering opportunities that might be relevant to your location, background and experience.

Knowing the full picture of activities that STEM Ambassadors are taking part in ensures the effectiveness and impact of the programme can be evaluated, and that further funding can be secured, letting more young people benefit in the future.

So what counts as STEM Ambassador activity?

>> Any activity that inspires a young person about STEM subjects and into STEM careers! <<

This includes: career talkspractical activitiesspeed networkingmentoring | visits to workplacesscience fairs |

It also includes online engagement, for example creating videos or other digital content for science festivals or science centres. Taking part in online engagement activities like I'm a Scientist/Engineer Stay at Home is also something you can record.

And don't forget about the more indirect ways you can inspire young people in STEM subjects, for example by speaking to teachers about your career, and time spent planning future engagements or creating resources.

If you have accepted an activity offer via the STEM Ambassador dashboard, you don't need to record it again as the process is automatic. For everything else you get involved with to promote STEM to young people, please log into your profile and make sure to log it. 

If you have any questions about whether your activities count then please reach out to us, we're here to help.

STEM Ambassador activity examples


First published: 2 October 2020

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