Science Connects Update - May 2020

As well as being able to see “Online Only” opportunities when you search on the digital platform and the STEM Ambassador App, Approved STEM Ambassadors can now advertise any activities or support they can offer teachers and community group leaders using the new “Offers” function (link to news story).  If you need any help creating your offer Offer Examples and Top Tips Guide, but please get in touch if you have any questions.

Please remember that activities you are organising yourself that are promoting STEM to young people might count as things you can record on your Ambassador profile. Are you:

  • Inspiring your own kids in STEM subjects by doing activities with them
  • Helping the kids of friends and family with their homework, telling them about your job, or providing careers, or suggesting STEM activities to them
  • Speaking to teachers about your role and career pathway, either informally, or as part of an online interview
  • Taking part in online engagement for example I’m a Scientist Stay at Home

If you’re looking for activity ideas for your own children, or for others, then please have a look at the Online Resources page.

If you wish to become a STEM Ambassador, you can still register and complete the online training, but we not able to process PVG applications at this time.

First published: 1 May 2020

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