2020 Online STEM Academy is GO!

On Monday 15 June the first 2020 STEM Academy, containing a series of 27 online workshops and activities, launched. This innovative University and Industry led programme brings together teachers of STEM subjects, pupils and parents, academics and industry.

This free, year long programme provides a fabulous variety of ‘hands on’ workshops and activities, working with experts and experiencing the real and exciting world of STEM beyond school. Workshops range from Astrobiology, HYPED Hyperloop- the fastest transport on earth, racing cars, viruses and our defences, to 5G Communication, robotics and AI.

Workshops are for primary and secondary pupils, teachers and adults (age 9 - 90). Pupils can do the activities at schools and at home with parents or grandparents.There is a video showing how to to the activity and activity sheets that can be completed online or downloaded.

All the activities are different which make it fun and full of variety.

Workshop activities may take about 30 minutes to complete and are designed for ages 9 to 90. Participants can receive a Certificate of STEM Engagement, Learning and Communication by completing a reflection sheet for each workshop they undertake.

Teachers and pupils attending previous STEM Academies reported a significant increase in confidence and ability in STEM Engagement, Learning and Leadership. The hope is that participants will enjoy similar benefits by taking part in the very first 2020 online STEM Academy and assist by completing pre and post event questionnaires.

Join in the fun at www.stemacademyscotland.org

First published: 16 June 2020

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