STEM Ambassadors: Lockdown Tidy-Up & Other Activities Ideas

If you're a STEM Ambassador with any extra time on your hands during lockdown it could be a great time to tidy up your STEM Ambassador profile! Why not log-in and check the following:

  • Complete your biography.
    Click ‘profile’ on the left-hand side of the screen and select ‘About Me’. Provide a brief outline of your career path and what you're bringing to the programme.

  • Check you’ve added a photo – this lets us order your ID card, so if you do add one then let us know!
  • Check all your activities are recorded.
    Click the ‘Activities’ tab on the left-hand menu, then select ‘Completed Activities’. If there are any missing click ‘Add Activity’ under the ‘Activities’ tab and complete the form for each activity.


Bonus Ideas

  • Download the STEM Ambassador App
    If you haven’t already, you might want to get the App to help you search for volunteering opportunities and keep your account up-to-date more easily! Available on both Android and iOS. Search for “STEM Ambassador”.

  • Connect with us across social media
    Follow us on your preferred platform, whether its TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn. We'd also love you to help us create a sense of community for STEM Ambassadors in the West of Scotland by being part of the new STEM Ambassadors in the West of Scotland Facebook Group. Come on in and introduce yourself! 

  • Complete the Inspiring Young People in STEM FutureLearn Courses 
    Over 4 free courses, designed specifically for STEM Ambassadors, you can learn about:

    Resources for Activities and Promoting Diversity
    Planning and Organising Practical Activities
    Communication Skills
    Feedback Tools

    Each course takes 2 weeks, with 3 hours of study a week. Start now!
  • Let teachers know what you can still offer them
    Maybe you can provide a video version of an activity you have delivered previously such as a Q&A, a careers talk or practical session? Or it could be something brand new which you think pupils might enjoy! You can advertise this to teachers using the new Offers section of the Ambassadors website on the left-hand menu - use this Offer Examples and Top Tips Guide to help!

  • Let us know if you want help from other Ambassadors!
    If your own children could benefit from the knowledge and inspiration of STEM Ambassadors from a different sector than you, then we can put a call out! Get in touch with us and we'll advertise it on the STEM Learning digital platform as an activity that Ambassadors across the country will be able to express interest in.


First published: 1 May 2020

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