STEM Ambassadors! Help keep school pupils engaged with STEM!

Logos for I'm a Scientist and I'm an Engineer, Stay at Home! activities

I'm a Scientist and I'm an Engineer Get Me Out of Here! have rebranded for the duration of school closures and you can help pupils to keep connected to each other and their teachers, as well as engaged with STEM. 

The I'm a Scientist Stay At Home online engagement activity began 20 April and runs to 20 July, with various zones that STEM Ambassadors can sign up to take part in, including Medical Research, Psychology, Disease Detectives, and Engineering

From the comfort of your own home you can:

  • CHAT with students and teachers in text-based chat sessions
  • Answer their questions about working in science and engineering
  • Compete for votes to be named Scientist or Engineer of the Week

The time commitment is flexible, with chats lasting 30-45 minutes and the format is designed to so you can fit taking part into your normal schedule as much as possible. Everything happens online so it should be easy for you to be involved from your desk or smartphone, and at times that suit you. 

The activity shows students the wide variety of careers that science and engineering lead to, so is open to anyone from industry and public sectors, and all kinds of scientists and engineers from academia (PhD students, technicians, research associates, professors…). 

STEM Ambassadors can record this engagement on their accounts as online activity.

Find out more and express your interest!

First published: 18 May 2020

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