One Million Interactions: More Young People in STEM & Space!


The One Million Interactions initiative has been launched by STEM LearningESERO UK and The Careers and Enterprise company to support the UK space sector to deliver 1,000,000 interactions per year with young people. The programme will offer volunteering opportunities and bespoke training for STEM Ambassadors from the space sector.

If you're already a STEM Ambassador, you can now sign up to help us reach this target, through your dashboard. 

To do this: 
1. Sign into your profile on the STEM Ambassador platform
2. Click 'edit my profile' go to the skills and qualifications tab
3. Under 'scheme participation' search for 'one million interactions' and click to add this scheme
4. Click submit to save your profile.

Once registered, your STEM Ambassador activities will count towards the programme. Each time you speak to one young person, that counts as one interaction, so if you speak to a class of 30, that is 30 interactions.

To find out more and to put yourself forward as a STEM Ambassador, see the One Million Ambassador support page

First published: 29 January 2020

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