Ambassador Networking and Training Events in 2020

Below are the upcoming offerings for STEM Ambassadors - if you're keen to learn more and book your spot on any of these then please get in touch!


Training Session: Nuclear Physics Resources - 15 Jan - University of Glasgow - 4-6pm
In conjunction with Researchers from the School of Physics and Astronomy at Glasgow University this event this event will launch new Physics lending kits intended for use with senior phase secondary school pupils. Attendees will learn about the kits and how to use them in the classroom and it is intended that Ambassadors will offer future support to schools which borrow the kits.


Training Session : delivering STEM activities to a small family audience - 16 Jan - University of Glasgow - 5.15-6.45pm
For the last few months, STEM Ambassador Michael MacLennan, has been involved with a project that requires Ambassadors to help deliver science experiments, as part of an activity that gets children and parents working together to prepare a family meal.

Michael is delighted to offer a training session to STEM Ambassadors to enable them to find out more about the project and to try out the experiments that he delivered to families. Michael will also talk about his experiences in the schools, offering tips and techniques in engaging a family audience with limited exposure to STEM.


East Ayrshire Teacher/Ambassador Networking Session : 23 Jan - 3.30-4.45pm
We are delivering an information session on the use of the STEM Ambassador digital platform for teachers to find out more about STEM Ambassadors and how they can engage with young people inside and out of the classroom.

To maximise the effectiveness of this event, we would like to invite STEM Ambassadors to come along and meet with the teachers, and to have a chat and discuss where you can provide help in their classroom. We are keen for Ambassadors to do this in the form of a mini speed networking session so they everyone gets the opportunity to meet each other.


South Ayrshire Teacher/Ambassador Networking Session : 28 Jan and 30 Jan - 4-5.30pm
These will be the same as above but a change of venue and teachers attending.


Scotland's Biggest Parents' Evening - 30 Jan - Glasgow Science Centre - 4-7pm
This event is aimed at parents to enable them to understand “Jobs of the Future”.

Find out more on Eventbrite, and if you would like to attend as a STEM Ambassador and inform parents about your job then please email us.


STEM Futures - 30 Jan - Motherwell - 4-7pm
This event is aimed at educators and careers advisors, enabling them to understand "Jobs of the Future". 

Find out more on Eventbrite, and if you would like to attend as a STEM Ambassador and inform the attendees about your job then please email us.


Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Teacher/Ambassador Networking Event : 4 Feb - Brediland Primary - 4-6pm 

This event has now been expanded to include both Renfrewshire and Inverclyde areas, and the more STEM Ambassadors we can have at this event the better it will be!! This will enable Teachers (early years to secondary) from schools in both areas to meet with as wide a range of STEM Ambassadors as possible, to discuss where they can be of assistance to each other.


Training Session: Early Years - 18 Feb - University of Glasgow - 4.30-6.30pm
This training session is designed for STEM Ambassadors who are interested in supporting Early Years Centres and Nurseries, but need guidance on where to start.


First published: 16 January 2020

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