Case Study: Community Science Fair at Grange Campus on the 9th of March 2018

Issued: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 13:26:00 BST

Grange Academy’s cluster primary schools, Park School, parents, volunteers and staff gathered recently for the most hotly anticipated transition day of the year – the Science Community Fair at Grange Campus. More than 260  people enjoyed their first exciting experiences of biology, chemistry and physics when they took part in interactive experiments.

With support from the British Science Association, Kilmarnock Engineering and Science Society, the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory, Ayrshire Astronomical Society, the Glasgow Science Centre and St Andrew’s Geobus, topics explored included energy, living things and matter, where budding young scientists explored questions posed by the greatest scientific minds of our time. 

Youngsters carried out scientific tasks in challenging and enjoyable workshops – including rockets, Flubber, Geobus, the Van der  Graaff generator, Astronomy and Body Works.

The youngsters also found out about the huge range of interesting careers they could pursue in science, around the world – everything from being a volcanologist, to a forensic scientist or oceanographer. Science teacher Morag Ferguson said: “For some pupils, this was their very first visit to the science department - and we hope that it was a memorable and positive experience for all of them.”

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