New books celebrating trains and engineering sent to all UK primary schools

Issued: Thu, 01 Jun 2017 16:36:00 BST

Three titles of a new book series have been released to all primary schools up and down the country aiming to encourage early interest in STEM subjects within young pupils.

Numbering 17 in total, the Pater’s Railway collection follows Peter, a young boy with a love of trains, railways and engineering. Yet the books touch on many other STEM related topics such as energy, biology and climate and will also help with literacy.

24,000 schools in the UK will benefit from the use these absorbing titles and their connected science and engineering resources.

Put together by author Christopher Vine and CEO of Quixant Plc, Nick Jarmany, the pair hopes to educate and entertain students via the easily recognisable medium of steam powered trains and everything in between.

Nick Jarmany said: “As a father of two young children, I came across a wonderful series of books that manage to combine traditional story telling with ‘how it works’ explanations. I was surprised how my son latched onto the technical aspects and wanted to learn more.”

“Our simple aim is to encourage a growing interest in STEM subjects, and through this early interest to encourage more girls and boys to pursue exciting technical careers.”

For more information visit the Peter's Railway website.

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