STEM Careers Day @ Kilsyth Academy

Issued: Thu, 09 Feb 2017 11:02:00 GMT


STEM Ambassadors were invited to Kilsyth Academy by the science department to meet with the current S2 pupils to discuss the relevance of STEM subjects in making career choices. As S2 pupils are soon to make subjects choices for when they move into S3 in June, this event should help pupils to make more informed choices.

In attendance were several engineers, a vet and a veterinary nurse, a chemist, a microbiologist, Network Rail human resources, a technician and engineer from BAM, engineer technician, and R.A.F. and the Navy present at the event.

Pupils were introduced to what an Epidemiologist would be doing, what a Stirling Engine is, how to make an efficient propeller, making a model of a compass, making a structure as tall as possible which was stable, the differences between a civil engineer and a geotechnical engineer, the work of a vet and a veterinary nurse, drug discovery, cardiac research and much more.

Pupils spent the afternoon STEM networking while moving from one STEM Ambassador to the next, asking questions they had prepared earlier within their PSE classes with the help of their pupil support teachers.

The students asked a range of questions, such as: what skills are required? What subjects do I need? How should I embark on a particular career choice? What does each person actually do on a day to day basis? What is enjoyable about their job? Do I need to have a degree? And many more.

They also spent time experimenting by making a propeller with the Navy or working as a team to build structures with the R.A.F.

The school careers officer guided the pupils through a programme which allowed them to analyse their skills, interests etc. Based on based on the information they collected they were better able to discover the types of jobs they might be interested in or most suited to.

This is the first time that an event of this kind has been held in Kilsyth Academy and all pupils were fully engaged and enjoyed the afternoon.

The feedback from STEM Ambassadors was very positive. Each had visited several schools before and found the pupils in Kilsyth Academy interested, polite and well behaved. 

Sheila Wright, Kilsyth Academy

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