Get ready for British Science Week 2016!

Issued: Mon, 01 Feb 2016 12:30:00 GMT

It's not too late to get involved in British Science Week 2016! There are thousands of exciting and interesting events taking place over the UK. Here are some further ways to get involved although don't forget to keep checking the British Science Week website and social media sites for the most up to date information! 

Activity packs for schools

Start planning your classroom activities for British Science Week 2016 with our Spaces for Science: Science in Spaces Activity Packs, available on our website. This year the theme is all about the different spaces where science can be found and done. We’re focusing on five different types of space: open space, outer space, digital space, built space and personal space. The two packs, one for Primary and one for Secondary, each have a variety of activities to run in your classroom, including information about what you’ll need and how to extend the activities if you’d like to take them further.

Poster competition

They're also pleased to announce that Space for Science: Science in Spaces is the theme for this year’s British Science Week poster competition. Your students can come up with ideas about science in different spaces, do some research and design a poster on anything around the theme. Find out more on how to enter and some ideas to help you get started on our website.

Register your event

Remember to register your events online if you’re running any events in British Science Week – anything from an activity in your classroom to a whole school science week!


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