STEM Ambassador Spotlight - Amanda Wilson

Issued: Wed, 04 Feb 2015 11:58:00 GMT

Name: Amanda Wilson

Profession: Part Time Lecturer in Further Education

Principal Area of Expertise: Technology

I got involved in the STEM Ambassador programme in 2009 and have been a STEM Ambassador for almost six years. I got involved as at the time I was undertaking research concerning Computing in schools and thought it would be great to share this experience with pupils. As an Ambassador I have been mainly operating within Royston Primary School where I have been widely promoting Technology. I have managed this through helping teachers deliver lessons in class while also delivering CPD in order for them to keep the lessons going. Overall everyone benefits as the children love the Computing lessons and teachers are getting help in delivering them and becoming more confident undertaking the lessons themselves. This has led to me running afterschool clubs where we undertake lots of different Computing activities.

Personally, I get so much out of being able to play such a significant part in my child, and other children’s, school education. I take pleasure in the fact that not many people can say they’ve taught every child within a school but I can due to being a STEM Ambassador. Having children enjoy your classes so much that they then sign up for as many Technology clubs as they can is also really heartening. It’s great to see how keen children are when I’m in school and their enthusiasm makes it all worthwhile. If you ever have a spare hour I would thoroughly recommend undertaking some Ambassador work. There’s something about giving back through volunteering that makes you feel good knowing you could make a difference in encouraging children to pursue a possible future career or even show them they have a talent that they didn’t know they had.

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