STEMNET is pleased to announce the launch of STEM Clubs Week.

Issued: Wed, 17 Dec 2014 14:25:00 GMT

STEMNET is really pleased to announce the launch of STEM Clubs Week. This will take place Monday 02 –Friday 06 February 2015.

STEM Clubs Week is for all secondary schools throughout the UK. For those schools already with a STEM Club will ideally meet as normal and take part in a national celebration of STEM Clubs. For those schools that don’t currently have a STEM Club, then it is an ideal opportunity to set one up and get started with some exciting national involvement.

The theme for STEM Clubs Week is Celebrating Diversity and resources will be available that teachers can use for any kind of STEM Club. STEM Clubs will also be able to create their own activities within the theme.

The STEM Clubs Week webpage is now available on the newSTEM Clubs Website 

There will be an opportunity for all STEM Clubs (new and old!) to enter a national competition to win £200 of vouchers for their STEM Club. STEM Clubs will be invited to email details of their activities with images or videos of their STEM Club activity carried out in STEM Clubs Week. Prizes will be awarded for the more creative approach to the following:

  • Most unusual activity
  • Best activity involving the most people
  • Best all-STEM activity (cross STEM departments)

Entries will be judged on the photos, videos and 50 word description sent in to us.

STEM Clubs week offers many advantages for secondary schools;  it will give them an opportunity to promote the work of their STEM Club, to get involved in a national event and encouraging those schools without STEM Clubs to set up a STEM Club so they can get involved in STEM Clubs Week. For more information about the benefits of STEM Clubs see our STEM Clubs Programme interim evaluation report summary.

Tweets will also be sent from the STEM Clubs twitter account @STEMClubs publicising STEM Clubs Week with the #STEMClubsWeek.

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